About Us

SBS established itself from a German family business with over 35 years experience in sliding bearing technology! The company deals exclusively with distribution and production of pre-finished sliding bearings and sliding bearing components. SBS puts high quality service into practice - to satisfy the customer is our top priority. Best quality - quick availability - keen pricing - this is what customers demand from a qualified supplier. As our customers’ expectations rise continuously ...


In 2013, SBS is expanding into Jakarta.  


Wrapped bronze sliding bearing, steel/bronze, lubrication pockets, low maintance


Solid turned bronze sliding bearing DIN1850/ISO4379, heavy maintence

• Solid Bronze Bearings
• All Alloys available
• very short lead time
• All designs possible


Wrapped bronze sliding bearing, lubrication pockets, low maintance


• Fibre reinforced plastic composite sliding bearing
• Maintenance-free - no lubrication necessary
• Water resistant
• High load capacity - same as Bronze
• Low wear rate
• No corrosion
• No cold welding and seizeing up
• Cylindrical, flanged bushings, plates and washers are standard fabrication.
• All special designs are available at short notice!


Impact-resistance steel sliding bearings, very high surface hardness, heat and corrosion resistant.


Solid, hardened, dressed to size steel sliding bearing, heavy-maintenance


Ball joint ends - spherical plain bearings - maintenance-free and heavy-maintenance


Solid sliding bearing solid lubricant pockets in sliding layer, maintenance-free

• Solid Bronze with Solid Graphite plugs
• Maintenance free - no lubrication necessary
• available in all alloys
• Seawater proof


Wrapped composite sliding bearing, steel/acetal resin (POM), lubrication pockets, low-maintenance

• Wrapped Steel Bushing with POM Sliding Layer
• Low Maintenance with long greasing intervalls
• very robust sliding layer


Wrapped composite dry sliding bearing, steel/PTFE, maintenance-free

• Wrapped Steel Bushing with PTFE sliding layer
• Also available in Bronze with PTFE layer
• And Stainless Steel and PTFE layer
• with special PTFE for acids, alkaline and oil
• Maintenance free - no lubrication necessary